Kimbra’s “Settle Down”

It’s amazing that our younger generation wants to marry and “live the married life” that society has put in place for.. well.. ever. Since working full time at a job I despise, I do find myself day dreaming about being a housewife of a beautifully handsome rich man, where all I have to do is work out, lie by the pool, cook, clean, tan, and get my hair and nails done, then wait for my hubby to come home to me just wearing an apron then gettin’ down. Can’t this be the new american dream? C’mon. APRONS!!! Shake it, Kimbra.

2 thoughts on “Kimbra’s “Settle Down”

  1. Jader says:

    Girl, get with the times! You are an independent, young, “new age”, woman. Stop thinking like that! Depend only on yourself, and yourself only. That way when you find that special someone, you can let yourself get taken care off. If it doesn’t work out, than you can have something to fall back on. I find myself look at situations all the time of Hispanic women who’s husbands have left them, and they feel lost, and don’t know how to survive. It’s actually pitiful. Learn to love yourself as an indipendent women, than you’ll find that special someone and it will be aswome.

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