Prollems prollemmmmms (warning: heavy contents)

Okay, so. Everyday we have some sort of epiphany or explosion of realization go on inside our heads, right? Alright. I’ve come to realize that I’ve got some issues….once again.. we all do, but realizing them is first and foremost in working toward fixing them. I have never really been in a situation where I’ve felt truly wanted, loved, appreciated, etc etc etc yadda yadda yadda tissue-box-full-o-tears. Got it. So, how do I react to these horrid situations? Oh yeah. I keep myself in them. WAY TO GO, ME. I stay there. I fester in the sickening, self-depreciating, self-destructing place where I fail to learn. I blame it all on myself. Where I go wrong is that I fail to recognize my worth, which is difficult if you’ve been in this “place” for a long time. So, I’ve learned that I need to get OUT of it — unfortunately, that’s as far as I’ve gotten. How and when I’ll get there, that’s unknown at this moment in time. I cry, I whine, I allow myself to stay in this desert of shit while the other fella gets away scott free. NOT ANYMORE. We’re gonna change that. In the words of my co-worker, who would like to remain nameless, “As captain planet would say… the power is yours.” True True. Let the power BE mine. PARTY ON.

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