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is everyday the new monday?

okay, today was not great. not great as in…. awful. terrible. painful. suckfest ’12. i’ve realized there are a lot of people you can’t trust — no matter how sweet and sincere and genuine they seem. wankers. i’ve become quite bitter within the last few months, mainly regarding my job and the people i interact with everyday. i am glad to have a solid network of friends from work that i am able to spend time with on a regular basis. let the good times roll and the bad times can go fuck themselves. high fives. who’s ready to party this weekend? this bomb ass bitch issssss.

Anthropologie, gimme the loot.

Anthropologie, gimme the loot.

Absolutely rufussss.



Lionel, IT IS YOU I’m looking for… always…

Hello world!


Okay, so maybe we’re a few months into a new year. I decided to start a blog to share some fun information, release my inner demons, and get buck wild. I hope you all enjoy what pops off on here. If not, that’s okay too. Quit lurkin’. 🙂



Dara Nicole