Monthly Archives: June 2012


All things love today. Dunno why. ❤ party on with love.

Ryan Adams. Heaven.

When you’ve come to stay
I will see the sun, and I will feel no pain
When you’re feeling blue
I will be the moon and I will be the rain
Thank God dreaming’s free
Because I would spend all my money making make-believe
It’s kinda what I’m doing anyway
And I know your love has finally come to stay
Today, today

so much anticipation and ready for new livin’. defffff party on.

Sick Day

Okay, so this past weekend was great. Salute! wine fest on Saturday. Beautiful weather. Great wines and great friends. Sunday, not so hot. More like.. feverish. As am I today. Out of work. Feeling the guilt, but I need a day I guess. Lots of cobwebs and clutter in my head, aside from the congestion. Having a lot of difficulty finding my place lately. I dragged my sickly ass to the local starbucks to take advantage of some free wi-fi and much needed caffeine, along with a huge wad of tissues and self-misery. Holla. Hopefully things will get better, I’ll be back to work tomorrow with tissue box in hand, jacked up on dayquil and other medications more than likely, and roll tide. Kinda party.



Don’t we all need to do this a little more often? Drink cred to T. Stafford. Party on.