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typical shit.

typical shit.

always lookin crazy. always. party.the.fuck.on.

In the name of higher consciousness…

It appears that I seem to have more dedicated readers than I had originally thought. I am pleased! For those wonderful, brilliant, and special viewers, I thank you for enjoying my neurotic, heavy, and slightly (intensely) random posts, for without you, they would be meaningless shit. They may still be, but, I enjoy posting them just the same. 🙂


I haven’t been posting as much due to some…distractions. I seem to be trying to do some “spring-cleaning” type things in my life recently, yet I still end up with cobwebs stuck in the corners of my mind, which I can’t seem to pick up. Work is always hard. Life is always hard. Being poor is always hard. Being alone is hard, yet, becoming easier I’ve noticed. Cooking for myself is nice. Drinking a bottle of wine is nice. Speaking of wine and nice things…


This weekend marks the greatest day in all history. That’s right — this Sunday will be the beginning of the 26th year of my life and I am thrilled. Not really about growing older or getting over the “quarter-life crisis” as I have been calling it, but I am thrilled because I will be celebrating it with my family AND two of my best friends. A much needed vacation with a purpose! Shelia, Erin, and I will be packing into my car and heading to the coast to visit my family and to party our asses off. I look forward to my mother’s face and the way her eyes light up as I pull into the drive-way. I assume I get the same look as we both have the same eyes. I love my mother and miss her everyday. It will be nice to see her.  There will be cake, wish-making, dancing, more cake, drinking, laughing, singing, and memories being made and that’s what makes me the happiest about, not only birthdays, but being around friends and loved ones. Should be a proper weekend and a proper birthday. Ready to party and get knee-walkin’ drunk. Let’s party. 🙂

No greater love.

No greater love.

The day I was born. Stubborn and different/difficult even before birth, I decided not to turn and my mom had to have a c-section. Poor mother. 🙂


You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings — learn to use them and fly.


— Rumi