Monthly Archives: May 2013

Rainy days

I’m so tired of rain 😦 Yuck yuck yuck. I need sunshine and love and happiness in my life. I seem to have come down with strep throat or some throat infection of some sort. I’m exhausted, feverish, have disgusting spots on my throat, and it’s super sore. I don’t have an appetite, which is good because it hurts to swallow anyway. I’m ready to feel better. Someone come love on me.


Side note, I was told at work that I’ve been doing a great job, which makes me feel good. Reassurance always helps. I still feel a bit derpy that my mother works in the same agency as I do, since she comes around to my cubicle and kisses my cheek in the hallway and stuff all the time. HELLO? EMBARASSING MUCH? 🙂 I love my mom. Her birthday is coming up and what I ordered in the mail from amazon better get here in time OR ELSEEE. Also, I need my new nose hoops that I ordered as well since I seem to keep yanking my nose stud out… or pushing it in, which is bizarre. Oh well.


There seem to be some exciting things happening nowadays, and I am looking forward to the future. Work is going well, I’ve met new exciting and handsome people :), and I’ve been back on an exercise kick, which all makes me super happy. Money troubles are still lingering, BUT I believe they’ll work themselves out. I’ve been pretty okay with saving and not spending like a psychopath. Anyway, that’s all for now. Party on. Oh, and go hump someone! Hump day! 🙂